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Right now you don’t trust anyone. You know bad things are happening where you work, but you worry that no one will believe you. You may be afraid to come forward because you’ll lose your career and your reputation. You might even be scared for your family. You feel trapped. You’re angry.

You don’t have to confront this alone! You need whistleblower attorneys who know what they're

Our firm is a safe place where you can tell your story and be taken seriously. We’ll go up against
the bad guys on your behalf - and get them to stop.

You’ll regain confidence in your instincts and you’ll be proud that you did the right thing.

Whistleblower cases are our specialty. We have successfully represented many people just like
you. We are honest and sincere - but tough as nails.

Isn’t it time to right the wrong? Let’s schedule a meeting and get the ball rolling. With our help,
you can change the world.

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Whether false allegations claimed against you or your due diligence in reporting law-breaking events in the workplace and other arenas, you can rest knowing you are protected by state & federal laws. Exposing the truth holds others and organizations accountable for actions against you including retaliation, cover-ups and intimidation. To name a few, these laws protect you:

False Claims Act (qui tam claims)
Kentucky Whistleblower Act (KRS 61.102)
Sarbanes-Oxley & Dodd-Frank Acts (USC)
Public Policy Torts