Here’s a guy who admitted giving Quaaludes to women to have sex with them. A bold, narcissistic statement by someone who still believes he did nothing wrong, and, even after being convicted by a Pennsylvania jury of his peers, fought for years to overturn it on a technicality, and now has won.


A lot is rotten here. The evidence shows there was no prosecution document signed, and not even a promise that his statement was immune from prosecution. It was just his interpretation of a promise that convinced the court to overturn it. It doesn’t even qualify as a procedural mishap.


A total of 60 women alleged this man drugged and sexually assaulted them. Women who didn’t know each other, but presented almost identical details. And yet he is a free man.


How is that so? Most of us who work in our system of justice - lawyers and others who work in it every day - know that this is not true justice, or the way the system is supposed to work. It is what happens when one man is more powerful, famous, and wealthy than the 60 women who have accused him. Unfortunately, our laws still support this inequity, and our system of justice perpetuates it.


Our hearts go to these victims and all the other victims and survivors who need justice. But it’s now even more clear that we need to continue the fight, and it can’t be these women alone. Everyone - men, women, youth - must fight for equity in our society, in our court system, and in our government. Support women leaders, business owners, candidates, and judges. And support men who support women. Every small contribution pushes us in the right direction. Clearly, we still have a long way to go.

Are You A Victim Of Sexual Harassment?



Barbara Bonar, Esq.

Barbara Bonar, Esq.

Barbara Bonar has more than 30 years' tenure as a licensed attorney and nationally recognized in all issues regarding employee/employer relations, including whistleblower claims, workplace standards, executive contracts, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, conflict resolution, wage and hour laws, employee benefits, and personnel policies & procedures.

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